International Youth Summit as part of the Regional Weimar Triangle

the Youth summit 2019

The sport youth hostel Duisburg – Wedau was chosen. Right in the Ruhr area, the IBB team found a great sports and conference area and were amazed by the summertime possibilities. The adjacent Lake Bertasee is the venue of the Canoe World Championships, the football stadium of MSV Duisburg is right opposite. From 18th to 24th of August, the 45 participants from Poland, France and North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) will be able to use the regatta course for raft construction or canoe regattas. The hostel itself offers beach volleyball courts, a barbecue area, a sports hall, large rooms for group work and much more. The Duisburg inner harbour and the derelict blast furnaces are also located not far away. Great for the supporting programme! After all, both tired brains and tired bones need rest after strenuous workshops at the youth summit. Following high school or university exams, this is doubly true.