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Fifth learning activity in the Europe4refugees project takes place in Dortmund on 18 March 2019

Fifth learning activity in the Europe4refugees project takes place in Dortmund on 18 March 2019

From the 18th to the 21st of March 2019, Dortmund is the location of the fifth learning activity in the erasmus+ project Europe4refugees – follow the routes. The International Association for Education and Exchange (IBB e.V.) is hosting the current European project for professionals in social work for the first time.

IBB e.V. in Dortmund is both coordinator and organiser of the “Strategic Partnership”, which was founded in 2017 and is scheduled to run for two years. Seven partner organisations from Greece, Italy, Hungary, Norway and Germany each send representatives to so-called learning activities. In three-day seminars, which took place in Italy, Greece, Hungary and Norway, the partner organisations have already been able to take a look at the practical implementation of national immigration policies and at the work of civil society and NGOs in this regard. The erasmus+ project enables a professional exchange of experiences about challenges and solutions along the refugee routes.

This time, the fifth learning activity deals with services for  integrating refugees, who  especially in 2015, had come to Germany in large numbers. In Dortmund and Herdecke, IBB e.V. presents both innovative and tested projects for psychosocial care and professional as well as social integration.

In gemeinsamer Runde fassten die an der Lernaktivität teilnehmenden Fachkräfte aus fünf Ländern ihre Eindrücke und Erkenntnisse zusammen.

The Mäggie-Mädchenhaus [girl’s shelter] in Herdecke, Diakonisches Werk Dortmund-Lünen, Sprachcafé [language cafe] at the musical and cultural centre MUK, the association EWEDO e.V.,  FEEDBACK office for youth counselling and addiction prevention, and the House of Diversity of the Union of socio-cultural migrant associations in Dortmund (VMDO) e.V. are contact points for the 16 participants. The office “Lokal willkommen” [Welcome locally] and a team of Ruhr University Bochum present special services for integration into the neighbourhood as well as for professional/university qualification. “With little time, we want to provide as broad an overview as possible on successful approaches to the integration of refugees,” says Hildegard Azimi-Boedecker, Department manager for Job international and Migration at IBB e.V. For this reason the offices of “Lokal willkommen” and Sprachcafé focus on integration into civil society, there are special support services for traumatised girls at Mäggie-Mädchenhaus, as well as measures to prevent addiction at the FEEDBACK office. The professionals will discuss questions and transfer strategies with actors from the respective institutions.

Further information about the project Europe4refugees can be found here.