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Europa4Refugees: IBB e.V. offers excursion to Thessaloniki and Budapest for professionals

Europa4Refugees: IBB e.V. offers excursion to Thessaloniki and Budapest for professionals

How does integration of refugees work in Greece? Where do refugees wanting to travel to Hungary and being rejected at the border stay? These and many further questions are explored in two excursions for professionals as part of the erasmus+ project „Europe4refugees“, which the International Association for Education and Exchange in Dortmund (IBB e.V.) is preparing for April and October 2018.

europe4refugees - Fachkräfte unterwegs in Cosenza

The project „Europe4refugees“ creates a European network of seven Non-Governmental-Organisations (NGOs) from Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, and Norway. The seven partner organisations of adult education from five different countries will be working together towards one goal until November 2019: A country comparison on the situation of refugees from a practical perspective. A special focus is laid on the perspective of Non-Governmental Organisations and Educational Organisations in working with refugees.

The partner organisations are already preparing diverse learning activities for the excursions to Thessaloniki from 21st to 26th of April 2018, and to Budapest from 8th to 12th of October, giving a nuanced insight into the situation at the locations. Following UNHCR estimates there are currently around 43 000 refugees living in Greece. A great number of NGOs and refugee initiatives attempt to make the living conditions of people migrating to Thessaloniki more tolerable. What challenges do actors face at the location? What is the legal, social, and health situation of refugees? What are the effects of each specific national asylum policy on the work of NGOs?

Regarding the excursion to Thessaloniki, interested professionals actively working or volunteering in children, youth, or family welfare or in migration/refugee work. Participation, including flights, accommodation and programme, costs 530 Euro (single rooms are available for an additional charge). The deadline for registration is the 3rd of April 2018. Regarding to professional excursion to Budapest in October, IBB e.V. is already pre-registering those interested. Further information is available via telephone 0231-952096-0 or at