“Since 2004, the IBB organises the yearly youth summit of the Regional Weimar Triangle on behalf of the state. For years now, this youth encounter is responsible for kindling enthusiasm for the regions of Europe for a great number of youths and strengthening their cooperation.
The work of the IBB as a competence centre for intercultural cooperation is a major reason for the success of this format.”

Dr. Angelica Schwall-Düren,
Minister for Federal Affairs, Europe and Media of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia

“I have learned to appreciate the IBB and its motivated and committed staff at a number of European projects. Determined and diplomatic, flexible and focused on the goal to reach, administering the agreed upon budget with prudence and thrift. It was a joy to dynamically and responsibly develop and implement the projects together.”

Rüdiger Frohn,
Foundation Stiftung Mercator

“We pumped out highly radioactive water from under the reactor. Of the 25 comrades of my team, only 10 are alive today. I am 80% disabled and have been diagnosed with 20 illnesses. The whole extent of the catastrophe did not become public until much later. This is why I am so happy, that, thanks to the initiative of the IBB, it is possible to talk about what happened to us in a factual matter.”

Nikolaj Bondar
Contemporary witness at Chernobyl

“26 years after Chernobyl an unbelievable number of people still have to live with the results. The solidarity and commitment of the people of Germany means a lot for the victims of Chernobyl. The IBB is an important and robust connection between those people. I cannot imagine that the solidarity for Chernobyl would work that well without the IBB. Thank you for that.”

Oliver Kaczmarek (SPD),
Member of parliament

“We cooperate with the IBB since 2010. The field excursions, congresses and internship programmes are crucial for the further qualification of our staff.
It enables all participants to take on new perspectives and the international exchange supports both the further development of the social sector in Turkey and the integration of Turkish citizens in Germany. We wish to continue our partnership with such a competent partner.”

Seyfi Bozçelik,
Director of the Metin Sabanci Center for Children with spastic paralysis, Istanbul

“The IBB and the city of Dortmund have close connections. Our exchange programmes with youths and trained professionals from Trabzon enrich the town twinning. But the dedication of the IBB in regard to historic and political education is especially important to us.
The specific concept of remembrance work, on which Auschwitz excursions organised by the IBB are based, allows the participants to get deep insights. As the lord mayor of Dortmund I appreciate the projects of the IBB and its competent staff and am happy to have the association here in Dortmund.”

Ullrich Sierau,
Lord mayor of Dortmund

The communication with people in Belarussia has been connecting the work of the International Association for Education and Exchange and the Protestant Church of Westphalia for many years.
Hallmarks of this cooperation are time witness projects and the exhibit 25 years after Chernobyl, which was displayed in Germany and in Belarussia. The difficult conditions in Belarussia make the trustfully collaboration of civil society and churches very important. Towards this goal we are going to work together with the International Association for Education and Exchange in the future.

Dr. Ulrich Möller, Superior Church Council,
Protestant Church of Westphalia

“We heard about it and read quite a bit, but if you are really there, in Auschwitz, it simply touches you.”

Axel Kotzur,
Pupil at the Droste-Hülshoff-Realschule, Dortmund

“With the 25 year anniversary of the nuclear catastrophe at Chernobyl in mind, our Whitsun activity last year focused on the joint responsibility the East and the West have for creation. We showed the exhibition “People-Places-Solidarity”, which was developed by the IBB, at the main station in Munich.
Its special way of presentation was attractive to a great number of people, especially pupils, and stimulated a conscious examination of the accident of 1986 and the ecological challenges of today.”

P. Stefan Dartmann SJ, Renovabis

I am very delighted that the IBB as a member of the Ev. Erwachsenenbidungswerk Westfalen und Lippe e.V. has been awarded the „Unity Prize – Civil Prize for German Unity“. By this its offers for political education marked by quality as well as its field trips to East Germany, exchange programmes with time witnesses or further education programmes for professionals have been recognized. The Ev. Erwachsenenbildungswerk Westfalen und Lippe e.V. seizes the suggestions and impulses of the IBB time and again.

Günter Boden,
Head of the Ev. Erwachsenenbildungswerk Westfalen und Lippe e.V.