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Further training in cultural sensitivity

Immigrants from many cultural backgrounds are clients, patients, or employees in counselling centres, hospitals, geriatric care and social institutions. This sometimes leads to special questions or special needs these institutions should be prepared for.

In addition to migrants now living in Germany for generations, new groups of migrants have arrived in recent years, especially those who had to leave their country of origin as part of so-called “forced migration”, e.g. due to war and crises. Professional preparation for the demands of increasing diversity in society is thus becoming ever more necessary.

On all these issues, we have been offering training courses and educational events in various forms for many years.

Following two successful series of further trainings, fokus³ is our third, extended series of offers on culturally sensitive work for actors in the social and health sectors. Trainings in this project will be free of charge until the middle of 2020, thanks to financial support from the Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration (AMIF).

An example overview of possible learning contents :

  • Fundamental knowledge on migration, integration and flight
  •   Background information on new immigrant groups and psychosocial migration effects
  •   Right of residence
  •   Religions and countries of origin
  •   Discussion of and dealing with cultural models
  •   Roles, family, and value systems in different societies
  •   Pedagogical, communication, and educational issues
  •   Culturally specific handling of (mental) illness and disability
  •   Practical exercises for self-reflection and culturally sensitive work

In order to best convey the content, multiple learning formats are available. Please continue reading!

We forego a registration form in favour of personal consultation. Please send us a short mail with your needs and contact data or just call us! Symposia, as well as our online module are advertised separately.

Angebote in fokus³

Further training on the topics of migration, integration and flight

You can book one- to three-day training courses for your institution individually tailored to your needs. The respective contents are conveyed by our trainers with an eye towards practical application and case-studies.

Advice on organisational development / curricula development

Do you need support in making your institution a more diverse place? We can help you in developing training curricula for a diverse and migrant-friendly structure of services. With your collaboration, we are happy to develop and test custom modules for regular trainings.

Migration und Integration


For quickly conveying knowledge to your full-time staff and volunteers on a specific topic, you may also order short lectures and lecture series from us or attend our open one-day seminars.


Let us help you look outside the box: Our services are supplemented by specialist conferences with experts from the European context. Current issues in migration and integration topics will be discussed and best practice projects presented.

E-learning module ``Train the Trainer”

There is a lot to do at work, but you still want to take part in further education? Then our online module on migration, integration and flight may be right for you. In addition to face-to-face sessions, you can also learn using your own PC in a “virtual classroom”, virtually meeting a learning group supported by tutors on fixed dates. As the goal is transferring the acquired knowledge to others in your institution, the module also contains a comprehensive introduction to online tutoring.