Culture-sensitive work – FOKUS

Culture sensitivity in case of illness or crisis

Personal ways of dealing with crises, illness, disability and care are often as diverse as the stories of personal backgrounds. This can lead to special support needs. We offer professional courses in further education regarding culture-sensitive practice in the fields of social and health work (FOKUS). This way we can, for example make the task of approaching families easier for social workers, or we stimulate communication in hospitals. On request, we do work thematically tailored to specific target groups (Eastern Europeans, Sinti and Roma, Refugees, Muslims).

Goals of FOKUS:

  • Increased sensitivity for one’s own perceptions
  • Conveying culturally specific knowledge
  • Transfer strategies for day-to-day professional work
  • Opening up institutions for transcultural work
  • Dealing with patients and clients in a culture-sensitive way
  • Diversity management

Benefits of participating in FOKUS trainings:

  • Practically realising a culture of welcome
  • Optimising operational procedures
  • Improving diagnosis and therapy
  • Supporting the motivation of employees
  • Pleasing patients and clients
  • Positioning institutions towards the future


Hildegard Azimi-Boedecker
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