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Remembrance on the Move – Special U43 trips on 27th of January in Dortmund

Remembrance on the Move – Special U43 trips on 27th of January in Dortmund

As one of the cooperation partners, IBB e.V. participates in the great project of Jugendring Dortmund “Remembrance on the Move”.

On 27 January 2019, special tram rides will bring the memory of the victims of National Socialism to the heart of the city and into everyday life. On the U43 line between stops “Wittener Straße” and “Wambel Schleife/Pothecke”, those interested can take part in the tram programme by getting on at the intermediate stops “Funkenburg” and “Kampstraße”. In between the two final stops, texts are read, music is played, and youth memory projects are reported on. Young people who visited Majdanek and Buchenwald with IBB also report on their experiences.

We invite you to board the tram! Of course the journey with the remembrance tram is free of charge.

Gedenken Unterwegs - FlyerTimetable

12:30 from “Dorstfeld (Wittener Straße)”, first readings and music on the train
13:00 Opening Ceremony “Wambel Schleife/Pothecke”
13:30 Departure to “Dorstfeld”
14:00 Return trip to “Wambel”
14:30 Departure to “Dorstfeld”
15:00 Closing event at the “Wilhelmplatz”

Artistic support by:

Wolfgang Brust and Sevgi Kahraman-Brust, Monica Fortescu-Uta, Boris Gott, Thorsten Trelenberg, Claudia Werner, ZimmaOrkestra.


Jugendring Dortmund – Botschafter_innen der Erinnerung [Youth Ring Dortmund – Ambassadors of Remembrance].


Droste-Hülshoff-Realschule, DSW21, IBB e.V., Johann-Gutenberg-Realschule, Jugendrotkreuz Dortmund, Martin-Luther-King-Gesamtschule, Quartiersdemokraten, SJD – Die Falken UB Dortmund, Westfalen-Kolleg Dortmund.