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“Pimp my Europe” – Developing perspectives together


In the project “Pimp my Europe”, the International Association for Education and Exchange (IBB e.V.) gathers youths and politicians, to collaboratively work on the future of Europe.

Increasing right-wing populism in many European countries, the situation at the EU external borders, the arrival of thousands of refugees, and finally the Brexit referendum: There are more than enough reasons to discuss European values once again. The perspective of the young generation can not be overheard – it is them, who have to live with the decisions taken for the longest.

For eight years now, IBB realises the ewoca³ funding programme: Youths from a total of 17 European countries work together in international workcamps, and realise sustainable projects at the location. “Pimp my Europe” takes this developed network as a basis. Youths want to deal with current topics and actively influence the world around them.

Politicians as well, often wish for young people to participate more. However, the contact between both sides is often lacking. This is where “Pimp my Europe” comes in, connecting political decision-makers with young, motivated people. In this project, the youths deal with topics like human rights, democracy, and European citizenship. Finally, they discuss with politicians and, as part of a big youth conference, give impulses for future political strategies. The project “Pimp my Europe” also takes place in Italy at the same time. Using an internet blog, the youths from both countries can exchange ideas and impressions. A European youth conference in Brussels is planned as a follow-up event.

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