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Information on data protection

Processing of personal data for informative mail and registration of IBB e.V. takes place according to EU GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) in its most current version. Personal data is stored only for the intended purpose, as mentioned above. Information on legal regulations on data collection can be found here in form of a brochure.

You have, at any time, the right to access your data, to correction of incorrect or incomplete data, or to request a deletion of your data beyond the currently intended purpose.

For such a request, please contact Internationales Bildungs- und Begegnungswerk e.V. (IBB e.V.) or send an email to

Your data might be transmitted to verification services (e.g. sponsors), as well as to service providers (logistics businesses, hotels, etc.) for purposes of processing (Registration, booking and realising an event). Your information will not be transmitted to third parties for commercial purposes.

Without your consent, your data will be deleted in a timely manner, no later than 3 months following the conclusion of the purposes mentioned above.

In order for us to be able to continue sending you general information and materials regarding our exciting education programmes, and register you as a participant, we need your consent for storing your data in our address administration.

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    MI hereby allow the continued storage of my data for purposes of information and newsletters regarding future IBB events.


    I hereby allow for the continued storage of my data for purposes of registration for future IBB events.