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Bamberg rider, Baroque basilica and beer traditions. Register now for the study tour to Franconia

History and lots of culture awaits the participants of the study tour to Franconia from 11th to 16th of September 2016, offered by the International Association for Education and Exchange (IBB e.V.) in Dortmund. There are some free spaces left.

Reichsparteitagsgelände in Nürnberg

Reichsparteitagsgelände in Nürnberg

Bamberg, Bayreuth, Nuremberg, Kulmbach and Coburg are the stops of our tour through a region with an exceptionally rich cultural history. The traveling group will follow traces into medieval Nuremberg, visit the former Nazi party rally grounds which has become a location of learning, inviting the participants to engage with history. Housed in Bamberg – the city is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site – the traveling group will deal with the still unsolved mystery of the Bamberg rider and will visit the baroque Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. Bayreuth will, of course, feature a visit to the festival building. Visiting Bamberg Cathedral and Coburg Fortress, which was a refuge for Luther, the ecclesiastical history of this northernmost region of Bavaria will be an issue. Still today, an exceptional number of protestants live here. So it is no surprise that a meeting with representatives of the Protestant Church Bamberg/Franconia is also part of the programme.
Participation in the study tour will cost 685 Euro, including bus trips, accommodation and programme. Those interested can register with IBB e.V. until the end of July, using the telephone number 0231-952096-0 or online.