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“Guide to Activism” launched by Generation Europe – The Academy


Dortmund, 11.10.2023


A new online resource aims to support young people and youth workers in group building processes and social engagement.

Generation Europe – The Academy, an international network of youth work organisations and a funding programme for European cooperation, has launched a new online resource called the “Guide to Activism”. The guide is designed to help young people and youth workers organise groups and take action on social issues that matter to them. It is available in English and can be accessed for free at

The “Guide to Activism” covers topics such as how to find a common cause, how to plan and run a campaign, how to communicate effectively, how to deal with challenges and conflicts, and how to evaluate and celebrate the results. It also features inspiring examples of youth activism from different countries and contexts, as well as tips and tools for collaboration.

Peer-to-Peer Power: Ambassadors Share Their Experiences

The “Guide to Activism” was developed by the Ambassador Network, a transnational group of young people involved in Generation Europe – The Academy. The programme supports local groups of youngsters from 14 European countries to identify local problems and take action, while also connecting with other groups across borders. It also provides training and exchange opportunities for youth work professionals.

The Ambassador approach is an important component of Generation Europe – The Academy. More than 40 European partner organisations have nominated active young people who can take the next step within the network. Through training and other events, they have been empowered to take on more responsibility in their local groups and in European networking. With this support, they have become mentors for the other youngsters and multipliers for the interests of young people in Europe.

To share their experiences and to reach out to more young people who are interested in becoming active in their communities, they decided to create the “Guide to Activism”. The guide is also meant to be a useful resource for youth workers who want to support young people in their journey of activism and democratic participation. It will be presented at multiplier events in Germany, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Hungary.

More Information:

  • Generation Europe – The Academy is an international network of youth work organisations and a funding programme coordinated by IBB e.V. More than 40 organisations from 14 European countries are involved. They work together in trilateral partnerships to enable social participation – regardless of origin, parental income and previous success in the formal education system. More info:
  • The International Association for Education and Exchange (IBB e.V.) is an insti­tutionally and politically independent non-profit organisation based in Dortmund, Ger­many. IBB promotes democracy and participation through co­operation at eye level across national borders. It connects civil society actors, creates places of learning and remembrance, develops seminars, training courses, projects and support programmes for non-governmental organisations, young people and adults. IBB e.V. works on various levels with experience-oriented methods, often at au­thentic sites of historical and political events. More info:
  • The Guide to Activism is a result of the KA2 Strategic Partnership No. 2020-3-DE04-KA205-020581 funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme. The publication reflects the views of the authors only and the European Commission or other funders cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the infor­mation contained therein. The Strategic Partnership is a part of Generation Europe – The Academy.


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